With over a billion population, we as Indians are increasing daily and have come over the second position, and if our population still going on, we can proudly achieve the First position soon. And the result we are facing in form of Heatwave and Water Crisis in 2024.

If we talk about our current situation deeply, we have reached the highest bearable temperature with many dumps of garbage in the form of a Mountain, for example, Azadpur Dumpyard in the Capital city of Delhi. With the heat waves, we all have experienced cutouts, water shortages, and even blasts.

Heatwave and Water Crisis

The reason behind this rise:

We all know that Deforestation is the major cause of Pollution but there is a hidden factor responsible for citizens and that is the Birth Rate. As Land is limited but due to our myths, we gained our population by many times compared to unemployment. We are in that stage of our life where we cannot welcome a newborn to suffer for Oxygen in his/ her life. If we speak of other causes, it also includes:

A) Unemployment: We all blame Governments for unemployment but we are the real culprits behind it. We educate our children to get a job but due to limitations in jobs, they don’t get selected and start doubting their abilities and in the end, some end their lives or indulge in illegal activities.

B) Health Issues: With no work and pure food, many youngsters are feeling depressed and have severe chronic diseases like Fatty Liver and Cancer. Additionally, school and college students due to high competition, fail in their exams and ultimately end their lives. If this Population cycle goes on like this, we could lose our family members at an early age.

C) Economic Loss: With high Demand and Less Supply, even a staple diet is becoming expensive and leading to starvation for many families. Furthermore, real estate prices are rising and now Hilly areas are also facing Water and Land shortages like the Uttarakhand Water Shortage.

At the End

Being an Indian, I value our Culture that Birth is a pure cause and this can be continued in the form of planting new trees, giving shelter to the needy, educating homeless children, adopting orphanages, and setting up new businesses so that the existing can settle down and make it possible to feed their families with ease. Moreover, the Government should also encourage Agricultural opportunities for youngsters so that we can get innovative ideas to harvest double of crops more than we are consuming so that it can be save for our future generations.

I know more than 100 children have given birth while I am writing this Article. We need to stop our little things to deal with the big problems ahead especially for our parents. It’s my opinion and the rest choice is yours!

Thanks for taking out your precious time to read and understand this.

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