💥One of the “cheapest brand” and “most used brand“,Oppo has comeback with its revolutionary new product OPPO FIND N2 FLIP.

💥The worldwide price of this phone is 84,000 in London.OPPO INDIA will reveal its price on 13march 2023.

💥It will be considered as most valuable product by most of the INDIANS as this is small in size and we can keep it safely in our wallets and pockets.

Before going further we shoud know the man behind this revolutionery product.

Here is the history of India’s most lovable brand-OPPO

💚Tony Chen (Chen Mingyong), a Chinese businessman who founded Oppo in 2004, is the company’s founder.

💚Before founding Oppo, Tony Chen was a software engineer who had previously worked for other businesses. 

💚The company began by manufacturing MP3 and DVD players before expanding to manufacture smartphones, audio devices, and other electronics. 

💚OPPO  is recognised for its cutting-edge designs and top-notch cameras, has expanded to become one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world under his direction.

💚OPPO is now one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers, with a strong presence in many countries including China, India, and Southeast Asia.

As we have read above,top-notch cameras and cutting edge design,we can clearly see this in OPPO FIND N2 FLIP.

Here are some features of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP:

📱COLOUR:It will be available in three colours-Moonlit purple,Gold and Astral black.

📱SIZE:This super compact phone folds to fit even in tight trousers or tiny bags, giving you the convenience of a large screen without having to make space for a large phone.

📱HINGE: It is made up of aircraft-grade high-strength steel and polymer, which makes it incredibly strong and slim. When unfolded, it features seamless folding and an immersive screen to keep you in the moment.You can fold this about 4,00,000 times and it will be still durable. making it most sustainable product in INDIA.

📱PET FRIENDLY:Movable pets are gift in this product whom you can give command like alexa,siri,ok google and so on.

📱COVER SCREEN:Your Bitmoji avatar, a miniature “digital you,” may appear with an umbrella when it rains or push up zzzzs when you go to bed on your cover screen, which is full of great surprises in the Always-On Display.

📱MESSAGING  RESPONSE:You can quickly respond to your friends from your cover screen with pre-set text or emojis without having to open your phone.

📱 DUAL PREVIEW SELFIE:It is first phone with lots of selfie features mentioned below-

  • Your camera will start to open when you double-click the volume button. With the capable rear camera, it is now possible to take selfies for more impressive effects.
  • You can take hands- free selfies.
  • With the dual preview feature, your friends can see how they’ll appear in your photograph and can then perfect a pout, straighten their hair, and make the most expressive face possible for the camera.
📱CHARGING:The potent 44W SUPERVOOCTM flash charge quickly gets you back in the groove.

📱BATTERY:A phone with a large battery and tonnes of energy-saving technology allows you to live life to the fullest.

📱CHIP:This product includes MediaTek Dimensity 9000+. This 5G chip is still used in CPU and graphics for high performance in gaming, filming, chatting, and other activities that we can now enjoy on our smartphones.

📱PROTECTIVE CASE:Protective cases will be offered in the striking colours Night Sky and Lavender. With an eye-catching strap, the vegan matte leather provides a tactile grip.

In my observation to this product,it is future’s MINI LAPTOP which can be easily carried by all age groups.

Let’s see what will be the affordable price of this Great Innovative Product.

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