Latest Jharkhand MCQ Q and A Quiz


Jharkhand is located in the eastern region of India.


Jharkhand’s capital city is Ranchi.


Jharkhand was formed as India’s 28th state on November 15, 2000, by separating the southern part of Bihar.

MCQ Questions and Answers:

1. Where is Jharkhand located?

Eastern India

2. What is the capital of Jharkhand?


3. Which river flows through Jharkhand?


4. Which city in Jharkhand is known for its steel industry and is one of the largest in India?


5. What is the major tribal dance form of Jharkhand, performed during festivals and celebrations?

Chhau Dance

6. Which national park in Jharkhand is known for its population of elephants and is a popular wildlife destination?

Betla National Park

7. What is the traditional attire of women in Jharkhand?


8. Which festival celebrated in Jharkhand involves the worship of Mother Nature and is marked by colorful processions?


9. Which dam in Jharkhand is one of the longest dams in the world and an important water reservoir?

Maithon Dam

10. Which hill station in Jharkhand is known for its cool climate and scenic beauty?


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