The Life of the Lord: A Short Motivational Story of Kalyan and the Mysterious Man


We live every day with the same thoughts of what will happen. What gonna happen if we die in the early stages? How our family will survive?

Today’s story is based on the same theme. The life which has been given by the Lord.

Once upon a time, a young boy was struggling with his life and was not able to concentrate even on his studies. His parents were worried about what would be done if this kept on going.

First Meeting:

One day, his cousins were coming for summer vacations and they enjoyed a lot with him. They went to the theme park but unfortunately, the giant wheel broke and they got harmed. This made that boy feel guilty that it would be better if we did not go to the park.

While returning home, he saw a man with a disability trying to cross the road. He helped that man without knowing who he was in real. After helping they all come home and then days pass by.

Second Meeting:

Today is the result day of his Graduation. He eagerly waited for the result to come. After some time, result came and he passed with distinction. He was surprised to know how that could happen. He was pleased about this result and went home with sweets. While going,he again saw that man and helped him. The disabled person smiled and congratulated him. He said-“Kalyan, I trust you that you will surely will pass the exams. Your heart is pure and keep growing in life. The motive of your Life will be disclosed in your First Job”. Kalyan was shocked listening to this and he asked, How could you explain everything about me? I have not told anything to you.

Mystery Solved:

The man smiled again and said that you had been telling me since you started speaking. Every day you meet me and request your confusion solution. Don’t take stress because everything happens for a reason. He hugged Kalyan and disappeared.

Kalyan understood that he was the Lord of his Life and promised to himself that he would never gonna disappoint in life and live the present.


We all have a definite path which is given by the Lord. All we need is to do good work.

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